Alarms and Reminders

DayBack doesn't have any alarm or notification logic itself, but it will honor alarms set up in Google Calendar, Salesforce, etc.

Salesforce Specific

There are no alarms built into DayBack apart from the reminders built into Salesforce; those reminders will be honored and will continue to work when you're using DayBack. If you create an event and assign it to "Tim", then Tim's default reminder settings will be applied when the event is created in DayBack and Tim may be emailed if he has his Activity Reminders set up that way.

Note that "all day" events created in DayBack will take the default "task" reminder set up in Salesforce.

FileMaker Specific

you can configure your FileMaker Server to send out alarm notifications as emails or SMS. This is actually built into to DayBack for FileMaker and you can learn more about it here: alarms in DayBack for FileMaker.