Can I jump to a specific date in the calendar?

Yes. Simply add the date to the end of DayBack's URL like this:

Note that the date is in the form YYYY-MM-DD. You can also land on a specific tab of the calendar the same way by adding a value for "view":

Here are the possible values for view, each corresponding to a "tab" in DayBack. "Agenda" views are the "schedule" views in DayBack--the ones with times along the left-hand side. "Basic" views are the "List" views in DayBack:

basicResourceHor (the Resource "Grid") 

How can I arrive at a specific event?

If you're in your own solution and want to see a given record in the calendar you can do this by adding the event's ID to DayBack's URL.

To do this, pass in the event's ID, Source, and the date of the event (optionally you can also include the view). DayBack will navigate to that date and bring up the event's popover just as if you'd clicked on it. If the calendar was in a filtered state so that the event wouldn't be visible, DayBack will clear those filters so you can see the event.

Here is an example of the URL syntax for viewing a particular event:

Going further

Learn more about what you can do with URLs and the syntax supported, here:  DayBack URLs.

FileMaker Specific

If you're in FileMaker WebDirect you can have buttons in your solution navigate to the layout containing the DayBack web viewer and the set the web viewer URL to get the same effect. Very cool =)

You can see a video of this in action and download an example file here:  Driving DayBack Online with URLs.