Remember Me

Can I set this up so I don't have to keep logging into DayBack Online?

Yes. If you're using DayBack Online in a browser then just mark "remember me" when signing on and DayBack won't ask you for your login again for quite some time (unless you manually sign-out from the account settings tab).

FileMaker Specific: DayBack and DayBack Classic

If you're working with DayBack Online in a FileMaker web viewer, the "remember me" checkbox works the same way and won't ask you to log in again when you return to the web viewer layout.

It will, however, ask you to login again if you quit FileMaker and reopen it. To prevent this you can include a user token in the web viewers URL. So where you might otherwise just use this as the web viewer URL:

You'd enter this as the URL instead...

...where "MyUserToken" is the token you can find on the "me" tab of DayBack on Settings / Account Settings:

Since each user gets their own user token you likely want to make the web viewer url a calc that sets the user token for each logged in user's account name, like this:

	"" &
		Let ( [
			n = Get ( AccountName ) 
		] ;
		Case (
			n = "Joe Smith" ; "J0eXAiOiJKV1QN3b3JkIkIDWf1eAbWFpbC..." ;
			n = "Admin" ; "6ZmFsc2UsImlhdCI6MTUyM2MzM5OCwidi..."

DayBack for FileMaker: Create Users and Sign Them In Automatically

Instead of adding a user token for each user, add a group token to your web viewer and DayBack will manage your users for you. Learn more.