Drawers slide out from DayBack's popover to reveal additional attributes of an event. Examples of drawers include the Custom Fields drawer...

...and the Actions drawer (shown when clicking on the gear beside the green "Save & Close" button:

In Admin / Calendar Settings, you can specify a drawer to open by default for a particular calendar. This way the drawer will always be visible when you click on or create an item for that calendar. 

You'll see different drawer names available depending on which calendar source you're working on (Google, Salesforce, etc.). Here's what the names mean:

  • Start - select the event's start date/time
  • End - select the event's ending date/time
  • Calendar - choose the calendar for this event
  • Location - enter the location and see a simplified map
  • Assigned to - the resource in Salesforce
  • Resource - select the event's resource
  • Show As - the status in Salesforce
  • Status - select the event's status
  • Name (Who) - select the contact or lead linked to this event in Salesforce
  • Contact - select the contact linked to this event
  • Related to (What) - select the parent object of this event in Salesforce (an Account, Campaign, Opportunity, etc.)
  • Project - select the project linked to this event
  • Custom Fields - lists any custom fields defined for this calendar
  • Button Actions - presents any custom buttons defined for this calendar