Which Version of DayBack Do I Have - DayBack for FileMaker

Finding your version

There are two major versions: DayBack (for FileMaker 19 and higher), and DayBack Classic (for versions of FileMaker from 13 through 18). 

The easiest way to tell them apart is to click on the "Administrator Settings" button. In the new DayBack, that takes you to an in-app settings area:

And in DayBack Classic, clicking the same button brings up a modal window:

Am I on the latest version?


If you're using DayBack for FileMaker 19 or higher, you're always on the latest version. DayBack is a hosted app and is always up to date. You can find a list of the latest releases and new features by following @daybackstatus on Twitter: DayBack Status.

DayBack Classic

Classic is kept up to date through in-app updates. To see if you're on the latest version, click the "Administrator Settings" button shown in the second video above, and then click "Check for Updates". Learn more about how in-app updates work here: In-App Updates. (You can find the version history for DayBack Classic, along with upgrade instructions for each version, here.)