Linked Events

You likely have many stories within your timelines: like sub-plots in a novel. One way to highlight these is with linked events. When you link a series of events together, DayBack will show a linked icon beside them and, optionally, a "play" button to step through the linked events.

Currently, linked events are only available in calendars based on Google Sheets, but they're coming to other sources soon.

Setting up linked events

First, you'll see a field in field mapping labeled "metadata". Map that to a column in your Google Sheet.

The content of the metadata field is a JSON string which needs to include at least two properties. "linkedID", and "linkedPlayback". Optionally you can also set a range of dates with the "linkedRange" property.
An example JSON string would look like this:
{"linkedID": "Unique-Identifier", "linkedRange": "2020-01-15,2020-10-15", "linkedPlayback": true}
In this example, every event that has the same "linkedID" will be included in the linked event thread for playback. The linked range is not required but if it contains the linked range the view will be set to that range when clicking on the link icon. This is not explicitly part of event playback but can help bring all events in the linked thread into view quickly. Leaving out "linkedPlayback" or setting the value to false will tell DayBack that the event is part of a linked event thread but will not display the playback controls on that event.