Backup Your Calendar Settings

How Can I Backup My Calendar Settings?

Sometimes folks want to make a backup of their setting so they can feel free to try new things without breaking what's there.

There is no built-in export in DayBack for this purpose. However, if you make a Salesforce sandbox that has DayBack installed in it, we can copy your live calendar settings to the sandbox where they'll be separate from your main org and behave like a backup. You can play with your configuration there or log into the sandbox and look at them for reference. You can also ask us to restore them to production from the sandbox once you have things the way you want. Please send us a note including both Org IDs when you'd like this done.

One other strategy: if there is a particular custom action you'd like to mess with, you can copy its text into a new custom action and then turn off the new one (uncheck "app" where it says "enabled for"). That way you have the original custom action for reference as you tinker with it.