"None" Column

A default column for items with no resource assigned

In addition to the resources you specify, DayBack adds a default column named "none" as the first column in the Resource view:

This is a great way to tag events that need to be assigned resources: you can visit the Resources tab and drag events out from none to resources where you have gaps in your schedule.

Renaming "None"

If you'd like to use another word for "none," visit  Admin Settings / Misc, and you'll see a place to change "none" to something else:

Removing the "None" Column

We think that having a place for unassigned items is pretty important, but if you want to remove this column from your list of resources, you'll find instructions here. If you remove the "none" column, maybe you'd like to turn on the list of unscheduled items?

Salesforce Specific

Note: If the field you've mapped to Resource is "Owner"--as it is in the Event, Task, and Campaign sources DayBack sets up for you by default--remember that "Owner" can't be left blank in Salesforce: in that case you can't assign "none" and will see a warning in DayBack that "Owner ID can not be left blank". Check out other options for mapping the resource to something besides "Owner.Name".  

Renaming "None" in FileMaker Sources

This note is for DayBack Classic--newer versions of DayBack don't need "none" in the resource field; it can simply be empty.

If you'd like to use another word for "none," simply substitute that in the auto-enter calc for your resources field...

	If ( IsEmpty ( Resource ) or not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Resource ; "none" ) ) ; "none" ; Resource )

...then change the "no filter label" setting Admin Settings / Misc as described above.