Specifications & Requirements

DayBack runs in all contemporary browsers and in the mobile browsers on current smartphones.

We no longer support IE.

DayBack requires an internet connection to function.

Requirements in Salesforce

No limits: DayBack is an Aloha app

DayBack for Salesforce is an "unlimited" Aloha app; tabs, objects, and apps in this package don't count against the limits in your organization.

Salesforce editions

DayBack is compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com, Developer, Essentials, and Performance editions. DayBack also works in Experience Cloud (Salesforce Communities) and in the new "Lightning Platform Starter." DayBack runs great as a console app as well.

Mobile and iPad

DayBack also runs in  Salesforce 1 Mobile. We're fully committed to mobile and you'll find all of DayBack's admin settings available on mobile as well.

On iPads, DayBack runs the desktop version with the addition of support for touch events. The mobile interface (with whole-screen event editing) is only for screens smaller than iPad.

Offline Mode

DayBack does not work in the Salesforce 1 mobile app's offline mode, as DayBack requires an internet connection.

Requirements in FileMaker (FM 19 and higher)


The latest version of DayBack runs in FileMaker Client and FileMaker WebDirect versions 19 and higher.

Requirements in FileMaker CWP (DayBack Classic)


DayBack Online requires your data to be hosted on FileMaker Server 12 or higher with XML web publishing enabled and PHP running (the PHP that comes with FileMaker Server works great). You'll also need to have access to place a simple php file on your FileMaker server.

FileMaker Go

You can run DayBack Online inside your FileMaker Go solution (or inside your Pro solution) by placing it in a web viewer: this is the same thing you'd do for WebDirect and you'll find details here.

You can also just open DayBack Online in Safari on your iPad, even configuring custom actions to then open records in your FileMaker Go file as needed. DayBack Online does require an internet connection, however, as it does not have an offline mode.


DayBack Online works great in WebDirect from FileMaker Server 14 and feel very fast. (We haven't tested earlier versions of WebDirect and can't support them). More here: WebDirect.


The fmp:// URL protocol used by DayBack calendar's custom actions is not supported in runtimes but DayBack Online can run within a webviewer in a runtime as it does in WebDirect.

Whitelisting URLs

If you're having trouble getting to DayBack

Some corporate firewalls will need to whitelist the servers DayBack uses. If you're in a highly regulated environment, try opening these URLs from inside your network and then ask IT to whitelist any that you can't reach.

Couldflare URLs:
This is a list of domains that Cloudflare can potentially use. Since that’s DayBack's CDN, if dayback.com loads at all, regardless if the app is working or not means that those are already working and wouldn’t need to be whitelisted


Firebase uses web sockets, and those domains change based on region those URLs look like this:

Firebase uses web sockets, and those domains change based on the region those URLs look like this: