Google Calendars

The Basics

Can I edit my Google events right in DayBack?

Yes! Note that you may have read-only calendars in Google--calendars that were shared with you to which you only have read access, or calendars you've subscribed to like the Seattle Sounders game schedule. If you're able to edit events from a calendar when you're in Google, you'll be able to edit those same events in DayBack.

Which Google calendars show up in DayBack?

You'll see whichever calendars you'd see in Google when logged into Google. Each DayBack user signs into Google on their own, so they'll see their Google calendars, including any calendars that were shared with them.

Does DayBack sync to Google Calendar?

No. DayBack overlays Google and your other calendar sources so you only have only place to look to see all your commitments. More on syncing, and sync options here: Does DayBack sync with Google?

How do I configure DayBack to show my Google Calendars?

If the Google calendar option is turned on (it is by default) you'll be asked to log into Google when you arrive at DayBack's calendars tab. Once you've given DayBack permission to work with Google, and are already signed in to Google, you'll just see your Google calendars when you arrive.

If you're an administrator and would like to set this up, here's how:

Turning Google Calendars Off

Visit the Settings tab in the  calendar's sidebar and click on  Administrator Settings
Find "Google Calendar" under source settings. 
Switch the visibility to "Off"

Turning Google Calendars On

Visit the Settings tab in the  calendar's sidebar and click on  Administrator Settings
Then click "Google Calendar" under source settings. Delete the "My Google Calendars" entry already there to disable Google Calendars for your users. 
Click "Add new source" and give the source a name, likely "Google Calendars"
That's it, there is no other configuration needed though you can sign in to Google now, if you'd like, so you can see your own Google events when you return to the calendar.
Click "Back to calendar" in the upper left to leave the admin settings area.