Duplicating Events

Dragging an Item to Duplicate It

You can now duplicate items on the calendar just by dragging them:

This works for any native or custom object you can edit in DayBack. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the control key (Windows) before you click on your event and start dragging. You'll have the opportunity to edit your newly duplicated event before you save it.
We use this feature to  block off time to work on important tasks: drag-duplicating the task to create "padding" tasks ahead of it so you can be ready.

Note that this doesn't do the same thing as duplicating a record natively in your original source, like Salesforce. DayBack's drag-dupe really creates a new record with the same DayBack information as the original. This means that unmapped fields (fields in your Salesforce or FileMaker object that aren't mapped to DayBack edit fields) are not duplicated into the new item. So DayBack's drag-duping may be best for simple objects where what you see in DayBack is really the whole object: things like events, tasks, or to-dos. And it works great in Google where DayBack does see every field from the original source.