FileMaker Web Direct

Can you use DayBack Online with WebDirect?

Yes! All you need to do is add a webviewer to your layout and use the DayBack Online URL as the web address:

Once you see that working you may want to add a user token to that URL so DayBack can remember you and you won't have to keep logging in.

I like to make sure the webviewer has no line around it and to check in the inspector that there is no padding. Turn on all four autosizing anchors and it will grow to fill your layout (and your screen).

And remember that the webviewer doesn't need to be the only thing on your layout: navigation elements look great to the left of (or above) the webviewer containing DayBack. Wrapping DayBack in FileMaker elements like this can really make it look like a seamless part of your FileMaker solution.

Here's an overview:

You can also use custom actions to reach out from the calendar and call scripts in other online services...including WebDirect. You'll find an example of the URL formats used in our custom action examples.

If you've also integrated DayBack for FileMaker

If you've integrated DayBack for FileMaker for your FileMaker Pro users, you'll want to make sure that the "Upon Opening" script for DayBack for FileMaker does *not* run on startup for your WebDirect users. Otherwise, you'll encounter errors in WebDirect when that opening routine runs. You can handle this by adding these steps at the top of the "Upon Opening" script:

	If [Get(SystemPlatform) = 4]
		Exit Script []
	End If