Repeating Events on Horizon View

Showing and Hiding Repeating Events

DayBack's Horizon view offers you the ability to hide repeating events. This is particularly useful at long time scales when you're looking at big milestones and daily or weekly events would obscure your view. None of the settings applied here effect the visibility of repeating events on other views.

For an overview of Horizon view, including productivity shortcuts, try this: Horizon View.

Repeating Events In Google Calendar

The "auto" option will hide repeating events at the following timescales:

  • Daily repetitions are hidden at scales > 45 days
  • Weekly reps at scales > 75 days 
  • Monthly reps at > 40 weeks
  • Yearly reps at > 80 months

If you'd like to be more precise, you can turn off "auto" and manually decide which repetitions are visible.

In Salesforce

There is just one option for Salesforce objects: to show or hide all repetitions no matter their frequency. If your Horizon view gets too cluttered with repeating events, remember that you can use the text filters to restrict what's shown

In FileMaker

Repeating events aren't native to FileMaker--they're just other events--so you'll want to filter them out using the text filters , status filters, or using FileMaker's access privileges.

In Basecamp

DayBack does not yet support repeating events in Basecamp so there are no repeating events to hide here.