Dynamic Resources & Statuses

Often, you'll create resources in DayBack by hand as described here, creating as many resources and resource-folder as you'll need. You create statuses and status-colors the same way.

But you can also script the creation and sorting of resources using custom app actions. This is useful if you have a very large number of resources,  or if you'd like to load different resources depending on which of your users are logging into DayBack. Scripting the creation of resources is also useful if you're often changing resources. These scripts run early in the calendar start-up process and let you based your resources (or statues) on a query.

Here are some examples:

Active Salesforce Users by Role. Find the active Salesforce users and place them in folders based on the users' titles.

Pull Resources and Statuses from FileMaker. These examples get into some detail about how to add resources or statuses to a list created by hand, or how to replace that list.