Launch Salesforce Flows from DayBack

Wouldn't be great if those complex Salesforce flows can be launched right from DayBack? Well, they can! You can run Salesforce flows from DayBack using custom buttons. The following explains how to create a button to launch your flow and how to launch flows via URL.

Create Custom Buttons to Launch Flows

First, you'll need to create a custom button that will be used to launch your Salesforce flows from DayBack. There are a few options here, but the most common are:

  1. Creating a button action. Button actions are built into DayBack and allow you to seamlessly create buttons on your event's popover drawer. You'll just need the code for what the button will actually do when clicked, and you're set. Luckily, we've provided code examples for launching those flows below.
  2. Creating custom buttons that display on the calendar. This one's a bit more involved, but we've laid out detailed instructions and provided the code to get this up and running. This option is preferable if you don't want to attach the functionality of your button to a particular calendar source since it'll run right from the DayBack calendar.

We've also created an article that details all the different places you can create a custom button (on the calendar, in the sidebar, or in the popover). Feel free to explore other options to create custom button actions and use what fits best for your workflow.

Launch Flows

Salesforce flows can be launched via URL, so it's just a matter of creating the button action to open the new URL. Something like the following:

fbk.publish ( "dbk.navigate" , { "url" : "/flow/MyFlow?recordId=[[Id]]&retURL=/lightning/n/dbk__DayBack" , "new" : false } );

Launch Screen Flows

Screen flows can be launched via URL as well, but not as modals. So you have to navigate to a new window or tab. Something like this:

fbk.publish ( "dbk.navigate" , { "url" : "/flow/MyScreenFlow?recordId=[[Id]]", "new" : true } );

If you need help creating custom buttons to launch your Salesforce flows or you’d like us to customize it for your workflow, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.