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DayBack is constantly being refined and updated. New builds are pushed every couple of weeks, introducing new features and hardening existing ones. This page lists the major new builds. For more details, check out the @DayBackStatus twitter feed where we post all builds, even minor bug fixes.

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Major Builds

Update: We're pushing new builds too often to keep this "major builds" section up to date. What's a "major build " anyway? They all include features that matter to someone. So please check out the DayBack Status twitter feed below to see what we've been working on and what;s been released recently. Thanks!

Version 1.17.106 (Dec 6, 2017) This update adds the ability to share additional days beyond your current view, change the expiration date of shares, and extend the date range being shared. This makes it easier to deliver one share URL to a customer and then keep it up to date as time passes.

Version 1.17.85 (Sep 21, 2017) Introduces repeating events for Tasks and Events. 

Version 1.17.76  (Aug 10, 2017) Added a new text-search filter that works across all your calendars. See it in action: quick movie.
Version  1.17.69  (Jun 21, 2017) New  integration with GoToMeeting : schedule meetings from with DayBack and link meetings to any Salesforce object.
Version 1.17.63  (May 19, 2017) Show as many additional fields as you like in the calendar's edit screen. Great for including required fields and additional pick lists. More here:  show more fields in your calendar.
Version 1.17.56 (Mar 29, 2017) Horizon view can now look forward 20 weeks. Improved scrolling large descriptions on mobile devices. Fixed a bug in firefox in the event popover where long text strings could cause a horizontal scrollbar. Also fixed an issue preventing the default day span in horizon view from being set to anything less than 14 days.

Version 1.17.52 (Mar 15, 2017) Added the ability to share calendar views outside of Salesforce. More here: sharing.

Version 1.17.46 (Jan 19, 2017) Improved the fidelity of repeating events created in Salesforce and added an OnCreation event action so you can describe default values or other initial conditions in DayBack.

Version 1.17.40 (Dec 12, 2016) Adds 21 and 30-day options to the resource views: great for larger monitors.

Version 1.17.39 (Dec 8, 2016)  Breakout your schedule by team - "breakout by resource" on the Horizon view.

Version 1.17.38 (Nov 30, 2016) Adds CSS classes per calendar source so you can style events differently in different calendars.

Version 1.17.37 (Nov 28, 2016) This version adds the ability to filter resources in the selection drawer, and adds red highlights for today in most views. It also brings higher fidelity to the Chinese time formats.

Version 1.17.26 (Oct 20, 2016) Allows you to duplicate events on the calendar by dragging them.

Version 1.17.15 (July 18, 2016) Add support for a location field / map in each event and improves the resizing of large text fields within an event.

Version 1.17  (May 7, 2016)  Now Lightning enabled, improved default calendar sources for new users.

Version 1.16  (April 4, 2016)  Field-type specific drop downs for configuring your calendar sources. 

Version 1.15 (March 5, 2016)  Includes an improved mobile experience, adding resources to folders, and default source mapping for Events, Tasks, and Campaigns.

Version 1.14  (Feb 26, 2016)  This was our first private beta release.

Live Updates

You can find minor builds and an up-to-the-minute version history and status updates on Twitter at @daybackstatus

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