Turning on the Unscheduled List in DayBack for FileMaker

Note: the new unscheduled items sidebar is only available in DayBack for FileMaker 19 (as well as Google, MS365, and Salesforce calendar sources). Unfortunately, it is not available in DayBack Classic.

The unscheduled events list is turned off by default. To turn it on, follow the first three steps here, and then come back to make the script change below.

You'll need to edit one FileMaker script in your solution following the instructions below. You only need to edit this script once per file, not once per calendar.

  1. Open Script Workspace and edit the script "Create Edit Delete Event - DayBack" that was installed when you added DayBack to your file.
  2. Scroll down towards line #260 and find the block that begins "# Project ID". Copy that block, from line 261 to the "End If" on line 275. (Your line numbers may be slightly different if you've added lines to the script.
Copy these lines
  1. Make a new blank line starting at #276 then paste that block back in, creating a new block.
  2. Rename the comment at line #277 to read "UNSCHEDULED"
  3. Change the variable $ket line #278 to be "unscheduled"

That's it! When you're done, your script should look like this (I've selected the new section in blue)...

The finished script

Save your script edits and you're ready to go.