How does DayBack show conflicts?

DayBack shows conflicts rather than preventing them, allowing you to see when two events overlap for a given resource on a specific date/time.

Can I show activities side-by-side instead of overlapping?

Yes. In Admin Settings / Views, there is a setting for "Show events overlapping." Set this to "No" to display activities side-by-side.

Preventing conflicts in Salesforce

You can prevent conflicts using a custom event action in DayBack. A video and example code are available here that you can customize to exclude certain events from contributing to conflicts. For example, you may want to accept accepting conflicts with "canceled" events.

To enforce conflict prevention on the backend, you will need to use a Salesforce trigger. This will alert users to conflicts they inadvertently create, even outside of DayBack. Examples and trigger code can be found in our blog: Date Range Conflicts in Salesforce.

Prevent double-booking in FileMaker

We’ve created a simple script you can paste into your copy of DayBack Calendar to notify users when they’re creating a conflict. The script, along with a video and details, can be found here: Prevent Conflicts in FileMaker 19.