Multiple FileMaker Sources

"A man with two watches never knows what time it is."  - Chinese Proverb, (and a great reason to get all your dates in one calendar).


How can I show records from more than one FileMaker table in the same calendar?

Traditionally a FileMaker portal can only show records from one table occurrence, though it can include fields from other table occurrences related to the one the portal is based on.

DayBack Online, however, can include events from completely unrelated tables--each of which becomes a "data source" for the calendar. In this way, you might have one source be an events table holding things like followup calls, meetings, etc. And have a second source for your jobs table where you show job due dates on the calendar. 

You can even have multiple sources from within the same table: if, for instance, you had a job due date in your jobs table  and a followup date in your jobs table, you'd create those as two separate sources. 

You can see a list of your available sources on the "Calendars" tab in DayBack's left-hand sidebar. And  administrators can create new sources on Admin Settings / Sources.

How does the calendar decide which source to use for a new event?

You can read more about that here:  creating events.

Creating a second FileMaker source

Administrators can click on "Administrator Settings" on the Settings tab of the calendar's sidebar. Once on the admin screen, they'll see "Calendar Sources" in the left-hand side: click "FileMaker Server" to see the source(s) you've already set up and reveal a button to create a new one.

Then follow the on-screen instructions to map your new source to DayBack just as you did when you first  integrated the calendar.

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