Event Durations

Can I enter a default duration for each event?

Yes. You'll find a default duration for timed events in Admin Settings / Time Scales as "Default duration for timed events". If you need to have different defaults for each kind of event you can use an event action to intercept saving the event and manipulate the end time before saving it back to Salesforce. More in Event Actions.

Can calendar entries span multiple days?

Yes. In fact, overnight appointments (when an appointment begins on one day and ends on the next) really span more than one day and DayBack is programmed to show such an appointment on both days.

If you’d like to create longer multiple day appointments, simply enter a date the “End” field in the popover when creating or editing an event. If you add an end date to your event, the event will display on the calendar for each day from the start date through the end date. 

Note: If your multi-day event has a start time and an end time, the calendar will color all the hours in between to indicate the duration of the event on the Scheduling tab (if the appointment has a resource) and on the week views (except for the simple week view). This can be fine for some things, but for a multi-day event like “Business Retreat This Week”, you probably don’t want every hour of the whole week colored in. The best way to do this is to leave the times off of this kind of multi-day event. Then create additional events to indicate the start or end times of the event, one event for the start time, and one for the end time.

Consider this example; you’ll be out of town for 5 days on a business trip. Here are the event records you might create to reflect your trip. In this way, only your flight times will show up in the hours column, leaving the hours of your week free to depict other events during your trip.

Record 1
Start Date: April 4th
End Date: blank
Start Time: 6:37 am
End Time : blank
Description: Flight 304 Departs LA

Record 2
Start Date: April 4th
End Date: April 9th
Start Time: blank
End Time : blank
Description: Business Trip in Hawaii

Record 3
Start Date: April 9th
End Date: blank
Start Time: 2:30 pm
End Time : blank
Description: Flight 706 Departs Hawaii