Almost all updates to the new DayBack for FileMaker 19 are made on our servers and don't require any changes in your FileMaker file. But occasionally we'll want to change something in the FileMaker file and here is where you'll find instructions for those changes.

Version 19.04

Overview. July 23, 2020

We've sped up the way DayBack queries your file for information about your tables and fields. You'll notice a speed improvement if your file has lots of table occurrences from the tables that store DayBack events AND you've embedded DayBack in your file instead of linking it.

Who Needs to Make These Changes

You've embedded DayBack in your file and have several table occurrences from the tables that store DayBack events. For example, you have a table called "Appointments" and have dozens of instances of Appointments hanging off various tables in your graph: Contact_Appointments, Project_Appointments, etc.


The build number of your file reads 19.03 (you can find this version number in the DayBackHelper table's field definitions). OR you added DayBack as an add-on and your build number reads "19.04" but the version number in the script "Get File Config - DayBack" reads "19.0" 


There are just two FileMaker scripts that have changed and neither is a script you'll have edited. You'll replace the contents (all the steps) of each script completely.

1. Download the update file which contains the two scripts you'll change.

2. Backup your DayBack file (really).

3. Open the update you downloaded and open the script "Get File Config - DayBack". Select all the script steps and copy them.

4. Open the same script in your copy of DayBack and select all your script steps. Delete them all. Then paste in the script steps you copied from the updater. The script version should now read 19.04

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the script "Get Layout Table - DayBack". Ignore the subscripts in the update file--they're only there so the references in these two scripts don't break.

6. Open the field defintions for your DayBackHelper table and change your build number to 19.04

That's it. =)

Version 19.03

This was the first release of DayBack for FileMaker 19.

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