Clone Settings from a Parent Account


Each DayBack for FileMaker group contains a bunch of settings specifying which tables in your FileMaker solution should be rendered as calendars. There are settings for field mapping, for CSS, and for custom button and event actions.

(Not sure what a DayBack "group" is? It's a like company account--learn more here.)

If you're distributing DayBack as part of a Vertical Market solution or template, you likely don't want to recreate these settings into each of your customer's DayBack groups. Using the feature described below, you can set up your FileMaker file so any groups created in that file pull their settings from your parent group. This was the field mapping and other settings in this file will work as soon as someone starts a DayBack trial in your file.

Add this to your file

Before making any changes to your FileMaker file please make sure you have a current backup of the file in case you need to revert. The following changes need to be made specifically in the files you plan to distribute to each customer site. And these changes need to be made before the first admin account is created for a group / client site.

In DayBack sign in to the admin account where you want to copy settings from. Then navigate to the settings tab, then “Administrator Settings”. Click on “Me: <account name>” and then copy the “Group Token”. You will need this for later so you can temporarily paste it somewhere safe for later reference.

1. Open the DayBack file and navigate to the “DayBack” layout. Enter layout mode and edit the web viewer object by double-clicking on it.

2. There is just one URL parameter you will need to add to the web viewer URL, settingsToken. Locate the line inside the let statement definition that starts with “url = host & baseParameters” and add the following directly after “baseParameters”:

& “&settingsToken=<TheGroupToken>”

Keep in mind that the data inside the brackets including the brackets need to be replaced by the group token you copied in step 1.

3. Click “OK” and then “OK” again. Enter browse mode and save the layout changes. The file is now ready.

That’s it. You can now distribute this file to other users. When they create the first admin account using this file it will automatically copy all settings and configuration from the account the group token was copied from.

Additional changes to consider

DayBack's FileMaker file contains two scripts to shift the calendar's sample data into the present. The scripts, named "Shift Dates in Sample Data..." run whenever a new account is set up in DayBack. So you may want to short circuit these two scripts by adding an Exist Script line at the beginning of each one. 

This is only an issue if you're letting customers make new group accounts in your file--as a vertical market customer might do.