By default, DayBack attempts to sense your preferred language and date formats from your computer's system settings.

If that doesn't work in your situation, you can change the language by hand following the instructions below. 

This is also how you'll change the generic English words used throughout DayBack, like "resources", into words more appropriate for your business, like "technicians".

The language settings described here only affect the calendar interface. Sadly, admin screens, help, and this documentation are only available in English.

How can I select a different language for the calendar?

Log in as an administrator and you'll see an option to set the default language under Admin Settings & Defaults / Misc.

Can I create my own languages?

Not currently but we hope to be adding this functionality soon. You can, however, edit the English language to make DayBack reflect the vocabulary used in your business. Simply log into Admin Settings and scroll down to the last item in the last hand sidebar, Translation. Click on English--or any other language you'd like to edit--and make your changes. Edits are saved automatically.

Can I add new words to the translation list?

Unfortunately, no. And don't forget, this list won't translate the text in your own events (though that would be cool); it's only for translating DayBack's interface.

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