Your Own Event Views

DayBack allows you to use your own view, instead of the built-in popover, to view and modify your event details. This can be helpful if you want to see data formatted in a way that you and your users are comfortable with

Using Salesforce Pages

Using your own Salesforce pages instead of DayBack's Popovers

If you'd like to go right to one of your own pages when clicking on an event in the calendar you can create a special type of custom action called an "event action" that navigates right to that item in your own view. Event Actions are custom actions that aren't run from a button in the event's action drawer but are instead called when you create, delete, or click on an event.

In the example above we've configured this navigation script to run when you click on an event and we've asked it to "prevent the default action": this means that users won't see the DayBack event popover they'd normally see when they click on an event, but will see the result of this navigation script instead.

Finally, the script we run is the standard "navigate" function that comes with DayBack calendar: we've passed in the token "/[[Id]]" as the URL want to go to and  "false" meaning that when a user clicks on an item we'll replacing the calendar view with a view of the item: setting that to "true" would have opened the item in a new tab.

Since every Salesforce object as "Id" as one of the required field, this function will work for any object you map in DayBack:

fbk.publish ( "dbk.navigate" , { "url" : "/[[Id]]" , "new" : false } )

Going Further: Using Lightning Modal Boxes in Salesforce

Instead of leaving the calendar to use your own page, you could bring up your page in a modal window:

You'll find videos, example code, and instructions here: Add Your Own Fields to the Calendar- Using Lightning Modal Boxes in Salesforce.

FileMaker Specific

Using Your Own Layouts Instead of Web Viewer Popovers

In DayBack for FileMaker you can elect to use your own layout in a card window instead of edit events in DayBack's built-in popover. Learn more here: Editing in Your Own FileMaker Layout.

Note that this doesn't work in FileMaker CWP since since DayBack is running inside your browser and has no access to render your layouts.

You can, however, create  custom actions that open an event in FileMaker Pro, Go, or WebDirect depending on the kind of URL you enter. More here: Custom Actions.