Calendar Sources

Multiple Calendars in the Same View

DayBack brings your calendars together into a single view. Some of these calendars come from different sources (like Salesforce or Google Calendar); you'll see those in the left-hand sidebar under "Calendars." There, you can turn their visibility off and change their colors.

Each calendar source shows up here a bit differently...

Basecamp Projects

For Basecamp calendars, you'll see a list of your projects: one "calendar" per project.  

Google Calendars

For Google Calendars, you'll see all the calendars you own, have subscribed to, or that have been shared with you.

Google Sheets

Create calendars from any Google Sheets you own or have access to.

Microsoft 365

Any Office 365 calendars you have access to can show up in DayBack as well.


When DayBack is running in a FileMaker web viewer (or in a web viewer in WebDirect), you can create calendars for any table containing dates or for just a subset of those records: learn how to add FileMaker calendars.

Salesforce Objects

When you're looking at Salesforce sources, you'll see your Tasks, Events, and Campaigns by default. If you're using Salesforce Scheduler, you'll see your Service Appointments. You can customize these mappings or add your own Salesforce objects to the calendar. (You'll only have access to Salesforce calendars when using DayBack inside your Salesforce org: install DayBack from the Salesforce AppExchange here.)