The Calendar's Tabs

How can I change the way the calendar looks?

There are a number of settings that let you change the appearance of the calendar's tabs:

Removing a tab

Navigate to Admin Settings and under Views you'll find an option to list the tabs you'd like to remove in the field "Hide Menu Items". This field supports a comma-separated list of tabs to remove. Click "Details" to get the under-the-hood names for each tab.

Renaming a tab

Changing the name of a tab is done the same way you alter any interface text: by editing DayBack's translation settings. This is really simple and you can learn more about it here:  translation.

The calendar defaults to the month view; can I change that?

Yes. In  Admin Settings you'll find an option for "Default View".

How Does the Home Tab Work?

In Settings / Admin Settings & Defaults / Views you'll see a setting where you can assign a new URL to the home tab: perhaps this is the URL for your project management site or another site you use frequently. Leave the setting blank to remove the home button. You change the name from "Home" to something else by editing DayBack's translation settings.

How can I change the default sidebar tab?

Yes. The is also in Admin Settings where you'll see a place to pick the "Default Sidebar Tab". 

Can I change the way tabs look (their color and shape)?

Yes: this all done by editing DayBack's CSS. instructions, tips, and some sample modifications can be found here: CSS.

The Home Tab in FileMaker Calendars

If you'd like the home button to call a script in your FileMaker file, you can't just use an fmp19: URL directly as the app will likely think the  URL is "unsafe."

Here's a cool little workaround. First, set the Home Button URL in the "Views" settings to "HomeButtonReplacement" (without the quotes). Then, make an After Calendar Rendered app action wih this JS:

	document.querySelector('[ng-href="HomeButtonReplacement"]').setAttribute('href', "fmp19://$/myfile.fmp12?script=myscript");

Finally, replace the URL in that JS with an actual working FMP URL for your file. =)

Notice that we're excluding mobile devices from this action. This is because the mobile device layout doesn't have the "Home" button, and would throw an error if you try to run this code.

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