Migrating Settings

Migrating Settings in Salesforce

DayBack allows administrators to migrate DayBack settings between your Salesforce instances where DayBack is installed. Typically you'll use this to move settings between a sandbox and production org.

Settings migration flows from another org to the one you are currently in. It will overwrite all settings in your currently signed in instance of DayBack from the source you specify.

Please note!

Salesforce has transitioned to an 18 digit Org ID's under the hood, but will still display the old 15 digit Org ID for existing orgs. Unfortunately, they require the use of the 18 digit Org ID for their API (which DayBack uses to communicate with Salesforce).

You can view your full 18 digit Org ID within DayBack where you'll migrate settings (just like in the below image).

Once enabled, this copies the same collection of settings as DayBack's Configuration Snapshots: learn which settings are included and excluded here: configuration snapshots.

You can migrate into any org where you have entered the same migration token; the token contents are up to you, but we recommend treating this as a long, complex password.

You'll find this on the Tools tab of Admin Settings.

Migrating Settings in FileMaker

Similarly to Salesforce, you'll need to do the following to migrate your settings in FileMaker:

  1. Create a unique token and paste it into the "Migration Token" field in both groups that you're trying to migrate from and to.
  2. Paste in the DayBack Group ID of the group you're copying from into the group where you want the settings to go.