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Here's the  pricing for DayBack Online, along with frequently asked questions. This includes Google and Basecamp calendar sources. To start a 30-day trial and see your own schedule in DayBack, start here (no credit card required): start a trial.

Special editions of DayBack have their own pricing:

DayBack for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange where you'll find pricing and can start a 30-day trial in your own Salesforce org.

DayBack for FileMaker Server (using DayBack in a browser or in WebDirect) is  here.

DayBack for FileMaker client (using DayBack in your FileMaker layout) can be found  here.

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Entering a License and Activating for DayBack Online

Once you've  purchased a license to DayBack Online you'll receive an email with your order number and license information (this info also appears on screen as soon as you complete your purchase). Here's an example of the info you'll want to paste into DayBack Online:

Order Number: SEE150502-3088-13105 
Email: [email protected] 
Registered To: MyCompany, Inc. 

To enter this information, navigate to the "Settings" tab in DayBack's left-hand sidebar and then click the "Administrator Settings" button. You'll see a "License and Billing" tab on the left. Click that and you'll see your current billing status and a button for entering a new license. (If your DayBack trial has expired you may see this button when you start up DayBack.)

Past your order number, email, and registered to name into the fields provided and click "Activate".


If your activation is rejected it may be that you included labels like "Email: " in your submission, or simply mistyped your order number.

In rare cases, your company firewall may block access to our activation server. To see if this is the case, try to open by hand. You should see our logo and nothing else: if you don't see our logo you'll likely need to ask your network people to "whitelist" our license server:

If none of this is helping, please don't hesitate to  get in touch.

Inviting Users and Managing their Access Rights.

Note: Managing users is a bit different in Salesforce where DayBack picks up the permissions you've assigned in your org. Scroll down for Salesforce-specific instructions.  

Once you've logged in as an administrator, you'll have access to the Groups section in Admin / Settings. There you can see all the users in your group and invite as many users as your license supports.

You can also decide which users are also admins (you can have more than one) and which users have  read-only access.

A couple notes about how all this works:

Inviting New Users. When you invite a new user to your group DayBack will send them a short email letting them they've been invited and telling them the name of your group. The email also contains instructions for logging in using their email address and a new password created for them by DayBack. Once they log in they'll be able to change this password on their own Admin / Settings screen.
Inviting Existing Users. If you add someone to your group who has already got their own DayBack account (perhaps they created a trial to check it out), they won't be given a new password but will be added to your group. Support for belonging to multiple groups is coming soon.

Adding more licenses

The number of users you can add to your group depends on your license and you'll see the number available at the bottom of the "Group Members" column (where it says "8 user licenses remaining" in the screenshot above). Soon you'll be able to purchase more licenses from inside DayBack, but for now please get in touch and we'll add licenses to your account for you.

Users & Licenses in DayBack for Salesforce

Assigning Licenses to Users

If you don't see DayBack after you've purchased your license, or you see "insufficient privileges" beside your user account, it may be that you just need to assign DayBack to specific users. Here is how Salesforce describes this:

When you install a licensed managed package in your organization from AppExchange, you purchase a certain number of licenses from the package developer or publisher. You can assign each license to a user within your organization. If you assign all available licenses, but would like to grant licenses to additional users, you can reassign a license or purchase more. To get more licenses, contact the publisher of the managed package.

Their instructions for assigning users can be found here:  Managing Licenses for Installed Packages

Authorizing Users

If you're using custom profiles, you'll need to teach DayBack which profiles are allowed to use it. 

To do this, search for "Visualforce Pages" from the Setup menu. Find "DayBack" in the list (click "D" in the list header) and click "Security" beside the DayBack listing. Add any profiles that should be able to use DayBack from the list at the left.
2. When you installed DayBack you chose to let users self-authorize or permit any admin-approved users to use DayBack. If you're using custom profiles your users may see an additional "insufficient privileges" error when trying to self-authorize: that is, they'll see the blue screen saying they need to authorize DayBack, but clicking the "authorize" button will produce a new window and an error. To fix this, search for "Connected Apps" from the Setup menu and click "Edit" beside DayBack's listing. Under "Permitted Users", change the value to "Admin-approved users are pre-authorized".
Now make two additional changes to grant access to the App itself and the Tab. Both changes you'll make are under the Profile definition: grant access to DayBack in the profile's "Connected App access" and "Custom Tab settings". 

Note that you could also create a Permission Set for DayBack.  Visualforce page access, Connected App access, and Custom Tab settings can all be managed there, so if you have a Permission Set scheme you already use, you can create an additional permission set for DayBack and assign that on a user-by-user basis.

Modifying Your Billing Information, Adding More Licenses, and Cancelling

All these licensing options are available in the App Exchange. Visit  DayBack's listing on the App Exchange and log in. Click on your name and select "My Account"; then select "More Actions" beside DayBack to see your account options.

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